Saturday, September 19, 2009

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A big applause to the organisers. I enjoy every minute of the fasting although I was quite sceptical at first. Great to know how our Muslims friends or colleagues fast too.

PEACE to all Malaysian and the World at large.    ~ See Kim Wah

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"Two friends from the Bahai faith joined us for Sahur Fast for the Nation on 16 Sept 2009 at Pelita Rest, Desa Sri Hartamas. ~ Sharifah Zuriah (photo by Yati Kaprawi)

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A small group of us met at the Canteen, Malaysia Hall in Bayswater this evening to share the cause with our fellow Malaysians back home.  ~  Steven Lee.

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"Fasted 24 hrs. First 12 hrs without anything, next 12 hrs without solid food. - Tan Jien Seng

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Sorry the picture is not clear. But I'm happy that we did it. Especially Daphne Iking. With her busy schedule and a full day theatre rehearsal she managed to fast. I'm so proud of her. It's the least we can do for our beloved country.
Thanks for encouraging us to be a part of this.

Mas & Daphne

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"They (non-Muslim staff) actually thanked me for persuading them to sign up! Except for 20+ yr. old C who was so weak with hunger by 5pm,  she could hardly talk, much less sell ... am not planning to tell my boss about this!   ~ Can’t Reveal Name in case Boss finds out!

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This year, just like any other year, we celebrate Hari Malaysia together with our client but this year with a twist.  We have asked our entire client that coming to our office including our staff to fast for the day in conjunction with the fast of the nation celebration.  Attached is a couple of picture for the fast of the nation collection.  

Thank you,

Anas Zubedy

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