Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fast for the nation: Peace for Malaysia on, Needed Clarification and a Big Terima Kasih

It’s nice to watch this all over again … it’s been a good day! I’m deeply grateful to all those who’ve been working behind the scenes of the “Fast for the Nation: Peace for Malaysia” Core Group.

It’s only appropriate to say a big thank you to ALL of them.  The group of friends who were part of the initial evening supper and those who joined us with so much enthusiasm a little later. Especially appreciate those who helped with the translation of the original texts to Bahasa Malaysia (Erna and Ratna) and Mandarin (Wei Loon).

Apparently, there’s a person who merely spoke from his personal opinion was wrongly associated as well as articulated our intentions, purposes and specific goals. I’d like to now clearly acknowledge who are the faithful and real core group members behind the scenes.

One fact must be stated clearly, the support and participation of everyone and every group who signed on made all this possible. Terima Kasih!

Once again, thanks to the other core members for the trust and honor given to me to serve as the coordinator and spokesperson for the initiative. I want to emphasize once again this was a ground up people  initiative which is not associated with the government or political party.


The Core Group members are

1. Sivin Kit (coordinator & spokesperson)

2. Masjaliza Hamzah 

3. Ivy Josiah

4. Liau Kok Fah

5. Lim Zhen Hui

6. Marina Mahathir

7. Ngeow Chow Ying

8.Padma Zachariah

9. Tai Jien Seng

10. Wong Chin Huat


  1. Was the guy who spoke the same Mustapha Ong who:

    * Is the former Private Secretary to the Mahathir era Info Minister, Mohd Rahmat; and

    * The same man who was implicated in trying to bribe an Arab NY cab driver to frame Anwar Ibrahim in a sex procurement scandal?

    If so .. err .. need I say more?

    For the record, me and many others who attended the fast today are not apolitical. We may have chosen to be bi-partisan, or non-partisan .. but definitely not apolitical.

  2. hey, the day has not ended for me yet . . . . 6.5 hrs to sundown! breaking fast with a tunisian couple.

  3. Thank you for the clarification. I'm glad to hear the clarification.